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Landowner Options

In the next 10 years, Iowa land will transfer between generations at a pace never before seen. If you want to leave a legacy of healthy, local food while resolving the decision about what to do with your farmland, SILT could be the answer.

Land and easement donations made easy:

  • If you donate your farm, you can live on it for as long as you choose. By deeding it to SILT now, you will enjoy your land while also enjoying both the tax benefits and peace of mind your donation provides. Donating your farm to a third party like SILT can help remove some of the unhealthy family dynamics that can come about when multiple children inherit the farm.
  • If you donate your easement, you maintain ownership over your land. Donating an easement means you will be removing the ability to ever develop the land and together we will determine in broad strokes the kind of farming that will be allowed in the future. SILT takes on the responsibility of enforcing that agreement for generations to come. You keep your land to sell or pass onto your children, with those restrictions in place. Easement donors also donate to our monitoring fund dedicated to protecting your land for many years to come.

Please contact us today if you want your land to always remain a farm, growing healthy food for future generations. 

(During our founding stage, we will not be purchasing easements or land. We encourage all prospective donors to consult with their tax and legal professionals when considering a donation of this magnitude.)