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Today’s Farm Crisis

While our local food movement grows in Iowa, the source of that food is in serious jeopardy.

  • Iowa is losing 25 acres of farmland each day to development – precisely the land our market farmers need.
  • Those farmers who try to grow healthy food are surrounded by the risk of chemical spray drift that can kill or damage their crops.
  • Every year, we allow up to 5 tons of top soil per acre to blow or wash away.
  • Iowa suffers some of the worst water quality in the country. We are the No. 1 contributor to the algae bloom in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • We import more than 90 percent of our food from out of state.
  • Our volatile land prices are driving young people away from their dream of becoming fruit and vegetable farmers.
  • More than half of our farmland is owned by people over 65 and one-third is owned by people over 75…
  • Yet no leaders have stepped up to address how we will keep this land producing food when this generation passes on.

SILT can help solve these problems at their source. Our natural environment has taught us that diversity builds resilience. Likewise, the Sustainable Iowa Land Trust believes we can build more resilient Iowa communities through diversity in our farming landscape, our economy and our food supply.

See our plan here.

If you share our concern, please contact us today about how you can help turn the tide in Iowa, before it’s too late.