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Central College Sustainability website: http://www.central.edu/sustain/


Founded in 2005, the mission of SUSTAIN is to help build campus-wide community by offering opportunities for people from different areas of the College, especially students, to come together to share ideas, raise awareness, educate ourselves, and coordinate with each other by working on projects and making recommendations for policies and practices to make Central College and the wider world more environmentally sustainable, socially and economically just.

Sustainability is “meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs” (UN, Brundtland Commission, 1987).
The path to sustainability is not an easy one: sustainability means making choices today that will preserve the Earth for future generations.  We must heat and light our buildings, feed ourselves, transport ourselves and our materials, and work in our offices and classrooms with an eye to ensuring that future Central College faculty, staff, and students can do the same.

Below are a few of the many projects SUSTAIN oversees:

  • All-campus community service day
    • Contact Person: Dr. Paul Weihe 641-628-5204
  • Inaugurating a sustainability awards program
    • Contact Person: Dr. Jann Freed 641-628-5168
  • Planning, planting, tending the college organic garden
    • Contact Person: Dr. Jim Zaffiro 641-628-5123
  • Greening the athletic program projects
    • Contact Person: Dr. Jim Zaffiro 641-628-5123
  • Change for change: collecting coins for micro-loans
    • Contact Person: Dr. Ellen DuPre 628-5147
  • Students Concerned About The Environment (SCATE)
    • Contact Person: Dr. Paul Weihe 641-628-5204

Other SUSTAIN Projects

  • Thunder Creek Watershed Volunteer Water Quality Monitors
  • Campus Fair Trade (Sweatshop-Free Clothing at the Bookstore)
  • All-Campus Green Lunches and Sustainable Food on Campus
  • Student Leadership Development (PowerShift Conference)
  • Campus Energy Conservation and ReductionSocial Justice and Human Rights Projects

Campus Recycling Projects

SUSTAIN-Pella Community Schools “Green Team” Partnership
(The text above is taken off of website that the SUSTAIN link goes to)
Other organizations on campus
SCATE (Students Concerned About the Environment),
Bio-Chem Club
SCATE Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=8426822113

The staff members with SCATE for 2010-2011

Secretary (): Haley Cannon Email:  cannonh1@central.edu
Advisor: Dr. Paul Weihe Email: weihep@central.edu
Other Contacts:
Dr. Jim Zaffiro Email: zaffiroj@central.edu
Dr. Russ Benedict Email: benedictr@central.edu
Mr. Mike Lubberden Email: lubberdenm@central.edu

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