Sustainable Iowa Land Trust

Preserving Iowa farmland threatened by development or degradation to grow healthy food in perpetuity.


It All Starts with the Soil

Healthy food

We’re growing farms that use nature’s way to control plant pests and diseases, that feed small herds of free-range animals with natural pasture, that grow food you can pick off a tree and eat. SILT is growing  healthy farms from the ground up, on land close to the families and schools they serve. Farmers on SILT land will not use GMOs, artificial growth hormones or synthetic chemicals, because we think Mother Nature knows what she’s doing.

Healthy People

Iowans are suffering from a high rate of diabetes, obesity, heart disease and other food-related illnesses. Imagine a food supply that doesn’t depend on a long shelf-life or empty calories, one right down the road from you, on a farm where your children can play near without exposure to synthetic chemicals or unnecessary antibiotics. Healthy people start with healthy soil. SILT is growing healthy families one farm at a time.

Healthy Communities

Imagine: Small, family farms planted into suburban communities, lined by homes where that farmer’s customers live. Schools on field trips to teach children where their meat, vegetables and fruit come from. Kids learning  how a seed turns into a plant, and what a new-born lamb sounds like. Farms so well-integrated into our neighborhoods that they’re just a natural part of growing up. SILT is growing healthy communities from the ground up, one farm at a time.

Healthy Economy

Iowans have suffered the boom and bust cycle of commodity farming long enough. Nature teaches us that diversity builds resilience. Our diverse, family-friendly farms will increase the value of the homes surrounding them. Many kinds of farms mean an economic downturn in one area won’t harm the whole state’s economy. And businesses will want to relocate to Iowa for our enhanced quality of life. SILT is building a healthy economy, one farm at a time.

Support the Sustainable Iowa Land Trust

The Sustainable Iowa Land Trust is currently seeking donations of land (part or all of farms), easements (the development rights to farmland) and cash donations. Donors will leave a legacy of Iowa’s new, healthier and diverse landscape. Significant tax benefits apply to certain donations. Contact us today for details.